Holiday Loan Special!

$1200.00 at 12% for 12 months or $1000.00 at 10% for 10 months

Skip a Pay for the Holiday!

Did you know that you can do a skip a pay for your loans on a three (3) pay month as well as the holiday skip a pay??  Now through Janauray.  Just $25.00 per loan per skipped month excluding the holiday loan special!

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Member Alert!

Due to increased fraud at TARGET & BEST BUY, a daily limit has been set to fight against continued Merchant Fraud. If you have a large purchase at either location, please use your PIN # for approval.

credit card holders

SCECU Card Holders

Please be aware that Visa has started sending text messages to help make you aware of possible fraud transactions on your card.

The message will be coming from number 32874 and you will be able to respond.

Please call the credit union at 217-789-2346 to update your phone numbers to help make it easier for us all to battle fraud while at home and traveling.

Visa Balance Inquiry Number: 1-800-322-8472